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3DM is an Israeli startup, founded in 2016, traded on the TASE (DM3). The company, a new player in industrial 3D printing for plastic polymers, targets market growth acceleration by opening industrial 3D printing to a wide range of applications and shift it towards real mass production

3DM’s breakthrough, patented technology will enable achieving industrial grade printing quality with any thermoplastic material, high printing resolution, in a significantly lower printing cost.

Far superior printing

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Thermoplastic material

Lower printing

Our vision is To lead the industrial printing revolution in plastics, Open the market to a wide range of applications in all types of plastics Increasing the economic viability of printing tenfold and beyond compared to existing printing alternatives.

Our Technology

3DM’s SLS printhead technology is based on a parallel laser beam approach that accelerates printing speed & throughput while increasing printing resolution. The result is a significant reduction in printing cost (up to X10) compared with current leading 3D printers and finer detail printing capabilities.

The core technology is a semiconductor laser developed by the company specifically for 3D printing. It enables improving part’s quality, achieving same superior mechanical performance (up to X10 better) in all three dimensions with any thermoplastic material. The laser is a small (few mm in size), high-power, low-cost device. This enables the company to cost effectively combine up to six lasers into one beam for increased beam power and faster printing speed. An important feature of this laser technology is the ability to tune by design its wavelength emission to perfectly fit the optimal melting behavior of all thermoplastic materials thus makes 3DM’s technology agnostic to the material in use, and open it to virtually unlimited market applications.

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3DM Digital Manufacturing LTD, 13 Ha'amal st, Building B, Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel